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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 23 July 2019 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

I usually claim to be a nighttime photographer, but this particular photo was taken early in the morning. At 4:50 am, to be specific, which is about as late as I can photograph at this time of the year before the rising sun steps in and asserts its absolute dominance over the illumination of any given scene.

As an aside, many years ago a semi-famous chef / restaurant owner lived in this relatively modest house. Although the house itself is modest in both size and stature, the contents of its tiny garage were anything but, as I saw with my own eyes late one night when I walked past it and found the door open. Inside the two-car garage were parked a pair of supercars, the combined cost of which exceeded the market value of the house and by a good margin, at that!

I have actually encountered similar situations many times while out photographing late at night -- as it turns out, it's not just wealthy CEOs who own these cars! -- and whenever I'm able to pull together a decent composition, I do try to photograph the scene before (being the good neighbor I usually am) I thoughtfully close the door by pressing any button on the outside control panel, which usually does the trick. (I'll confess that on a few occasions, I might have swung my leg through the garage door opening so as to turn on the overhead light before I take my photo, but let's not focus on that, shall we?)

A larger, higher resolution version of this photo can be seen here: http://www.canyonero.com/files/1563727200.jpg