10060, No. 2

Posted by
Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 2 May 2019 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

I previously photographed this scene from the other side (such that I was facing the house from the left instead of the right) but while I was taking this photo, the owner of the house next door (the edge of which is barely visible in this photo) came outside to hassle me. (This despite the fact I wasn't photographing his house, but his neighbor's house, a distinction that seems not to matter to most of those who object to my choice of subject matter.)

Because he approached me in a confrontational manner -- combative, even! -- I just finished what I was doing then walked on without engaging him, because there was no point in my doing so. Surprisingly, he appeared to accept the law is on my side, since he acknowledged as much while I was walking away when he yelled "just because it is legal to take photos of people's houses without their permission doesn't make it right" at me.

I don't know either way, but his choice of words leads me to believe he's one of the people who've called the police on me before, only to be informed that I'm doing nothing illegal and there's nothing he or they can do to stop me. I hate to ruffle feathers this way, but I don't see any alternative so long as I wish to continue working on this project (which I do), as the only option I have is to take a photo or not take a photo, hence no compromises are possible.


A larger, higher resolution version of this photo can be seen here: http://www.canyonero.com/files/1556728983.jpg