Der Kaffee Kuchen

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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 1 December 2018 in Architecture and Portfolio.

Location: Youngtown, AZ

Miss Abby's groomer works out of her house and lives in Youngtown, which is a 30+ mile drive across town from where we live. Because she's usually finished and ready to go in 90 minutes or so (which is one of the reasons I take her there, because she doesn't end up sitting in a cage all day), it doesn't make any sense for me to return home after leaving her.

Instead, I wait for her and kill time by having a meal with friends who live reasonably close by, poking around the cluster of thrift stores in the area looking for used photobooks and LPs, or just walking around and taking photos.

Which is what I did this morning, after a night of rain. These photos were taken using a Samsung NX500 camera body with an adapted, film-era Contax 28/f2.8 lens, handheld. I'm using it manually -- both exposure and focus! -- and confess that I am really enjoying doing photography the way it used to be done when I started 46 years ago, using a very basic camera (Minolta SRT-100) bought with money saved from my summer job as a caddy.

I recall my father blowing his top that night when he returned home from work and learned that -- gasp! -- I'd also bought a second lens for it. That was because its "kit lens" wasn't long enough to photograph the football games and motocross races that were my focus back then and, Hey, I was a kid flush with cash, so why not? I wouldn't need to behave responsibly until after I became an adult and that was still several years away!

Perhaps he knew that with my personality, this would become a slippery slope for me, and if so, he was correct, because I have owned more than 100 lenses and close to three dozen camera bodies over the years since then, the vast majority of which I didn't actually need but merely wanted.

A larger, higher resolution version of this photo can be seen here: