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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 18 April 2018 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

This photo was taken early this morning. It's a rather unusual photo for me, in that it's actually not a long-exposure photo at all. Well, at least not the type of long-exposure photo that I typically take, anyway.

Thanks to the bright light over the porch, I had to shorten the exposure to just over one second to prevent the highlights from blowing out. In turn, this forced the rest of the scene to retreat into the shadows, creating an overall effect that I rather like.

As a rule, I usually wait until a full moon to photograph scenes such as this one, because the additional light helps balance the exposure requirements across the complete scene. But going forward, I think I'm going to at least try photographing them without the aid of the full moon ... worst case, if I'm not happy with the result, I can always come back later, right?

A larger, higher-resolution version of this photo can be seen here: http://www.canyonero.com/files/1523992116.jpg