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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 29 December 2017 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

Location: Bronx, NYC

I have been homebound with a nasty cold for most of the past week, so (wisely, I think) haven't been outdoors taking any new photos ... sorry 'bout that!

I have, however, used this time to poke around my hard-drives to see if I've missed anything of interest and also to revisit photos I took a few years ago to see if I can improve upon my previous results by reprocessing them using my always-improving skills.

This photo, I think, may fall into both categories. It was taken during an early morning subway ride from the Bronx to Manhattan after I'd spent most of the previous night walking the streets around the Simpson Street station taking photos. Having nothing better to do at the time, I took photos out the windows of the (express) train as it whizzed through each station, purposely using longish exposures to blur the scenes I was capturing.

As regular visitors here will know, I'm more of a documentary-type photographer than a creative one; i.e., I take photos of the things I see in front of my camera and try to do so as accurately as possible. I'm definitely not a naturally creative photographer, who uses the things in front of their camera as a springboard to create something that looks entirely new and different. My ability to conjure interesting photos from thin air is pretty much zero -- I would make a truly lousy advertising photographer, for example -- but I accept my limitations and am okay with them. I yam what I yam and all that....

I took a few dozen photos similar to this one during the ride back to the friend's condo in East Harlem where I was staying and although I dismissed them at the time, today, two-and-a-half years later, I'm not so sure they might not be mildly interesting after all ... what do you think?