Floor 7 West

Posted by
Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 12 May 2016 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

One learns something new every day -- er, night -- eh? My good friend and photo buddy Jeffrey took delivery of his new Pentax K-1 camera body last week and wanted to use it to photograph an office building that he and his wife had driven past one night earlier this year.

Unfortunately, once he found the building again -- it took some doing, as is often the case with these things -- all the lights were off, so the "magic" he wanted to capture was not on display.

Since we were already downtown-ish and the night was still young, I offered to show him around the historical warehouse district where I've been photographing (both day and night) since 1996-7. (I forget exactly when I started exploring this area with a camera and because I was using sheet film in a view camera, I can't simply look up the dates on my computer of when the earliest photos were taken. I can, however, show you the transparencies on a light table, without any help from a computer.)

The spire belongs to the Hillsong Church and this photo was taken from the seventh floor of a nearby parking garage. I have wanted to take this photo for many years now, but the garage entrance is posted No Trespassing and given the generally intolerant attitude of the Phoenix Police Department toward my photographing this part of town, entering the garage through this entrance regardless of the posted notice was a risk of getting into trouble that I simply wasn't willing to take. (I don't mind pushing limits, mind you, but not without a colorable argument in my defense, which I wouldn't have here due to the warning signs that were clearly posted and unambiguous as to their meaning.)

Jeffrey, on the other hand, being new on the scene and thinking outside the box as a result, walked up to the elevator bank on the sidewalk and pushed the "up" button. A few seconds later, the doors opened and not seeing any No Trespassing signs warning us away, we stepped inside, then rode it up to the seventh floor. From which I then took this photo, as well as several others. 8^)