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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 24 July 2014 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Although my neighborhood consists solely of single-family houses, some portions of it have been zoned for "Z lots," which is where the line between adjacent properties zigs and zags and allows for houses built on smallish lots to overlap one another. The land planner's intention was to avoid the "Monopoly effect," wherein the houses are lined up neatly in a row, as happens with the board game of the same name and also many of the planned communities in this area.

This was also the first outing with this camera where I was able to expose for longer than 30 seconds. This particular exposure was 75 seconds long -- the longest of last night's outing was twice as long at 150 seconds -- and while I'm reasonably happy with the results, there is some blotchiness in the darkest shadows that concerns me. This is something I've not read about in any review, but that's hardly a surprise, as I use my cameras quite a bit differently than the average photographer does. It's also why I try to use a camera for some time before I buy it, as it seems to be the only way I can accurately assess its suitability for my type of photography (although truth be told, circumstances do sometimes conspire to require me to buy a camera first and I hate whenever that happens.)

As of this writing, though, the jury is still out about this camera (a Sony a7R), but I have some time left before I have to make my final decision, so I'll keep testing and experimenting until then. That said, though, where it performs well, it performs very well indeed and in many respects, as well or better, I think, than even the medium-format digital outfit I was very fortunate to be using a couple of years ago.

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