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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 21 July 2014 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

I tried to photograph this scene once before, but as I was making the first test exposure -- the light levels are usually so low that my cameras don't meter the scenes reliably, especially with regard to balancing the highlights against the shadows, so this process usually involves some trial-and-error on my part* -- the homeowners returned and ruined the photo I had in mind by parking their car in the driveway, which had the effect of blocking a lot of the light skimming across the grass and bushes. And then while I was working out whether there was a different, but equally appealing photo that I could take, they turned off the lights in the living room, adding insult to injury ... how dare they?!

Fortunately, I had no such problems this past Saturday night and returned home from my late-night walk around the neighborhood with this photo, which will do for now. I might try again another time, though, as I would have preferred to have some more clouds in the sky.

*As it turns out, experience does matter, because more than half the time, my first guess at exposure length ends up being the final, correct one for my purpose. In this instance, though, it ended up being half as long as I guessed, because I had to bump the ISO from 100 to 200 in order to keep it under 30 seconds, the longest possible without an electronic shutter release...

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