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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 25 June 2012 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Now I know why I didn't remember taking the photo I posted yesterday and it's because this is the photo I took immediately before it. My initial reaction upon spotting this woman was that she was a spitting image of the actress Mary-Louise Parker, if not Parker herself. (I'm in NYC, so anything's possible, right? Way back when, my friends and I shared our bottle of vodka with the actors William Hurt and Bob Balaban at a then-trendy restaurant called Hawaii 5-0, so I know that celebrities do exist in the wild there.) Anyway, as I moved in closer, I realized it wasn't Parker after all (the tip of her nose is slightly different), but if this woman has a perm and adds a few kinks to her hair, I'll bet she could get work as Parker's double, at least of the character (marijuana dealer "Nancy Botwin") Parker plays on the television show, Weeds.