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Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 7 April 2012 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

As I have mentioned before, my work schedule so far this year has put a serious crimp in my photography ... well, at least in the number of outings I have been able to make to date, anyway. (It used to be twice a week, but my last serious outing was in January and it's been over two weeks now since the last time that I used a camera, period.)

While I do have concerns about my skills getting rusty (I have noticed before that this does, in fact, happen if/when I don't exercise them regularly, especially with respect to my compositions), I am starting to realize it may be a good thing, at least when looked at in a larger context.

This is because the only photographic-related outlet I have had has been processing and printing photos, which I can work on during free minutes here and there throughout the day (or more commonly, afterhours at night), while other tasks are running in the background. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and I have been getting in a lot of practice printing of late, the end result of which is that, to my eyes, my prints look better than ever.

For this reason, I have decided to attend the Flagstaff Photograhy Center's portfolio review event on May 6th, despite the decision I made last year to hold off on doing any more of these events for now. This is because this group of reviewers has seen my work twice now and while I doubt they will remember any of it distinctly, I believe it will be helpful for me to gauge their reactions to my work this year relative to their reactions to my work in years past.