Posted by
Jeffrey (Scottsdale, United States) on 17 February 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

I don't do much macro stuff. Okay, I lied: I don't do any macro stuff, largely because still lifes and the like bored me silly when I was in 7th grade "art" class and they still bore me (somewhat less silly, fortunately) even today.

Every so often, though, doing the "same old, same old" grows boring and the urge to do something different wells up inside. Being the conservative rebel I am, it usually finds its release in the form of photography as opposed to, say, body piercing or some other radical form of self-expression. This photo is a good example of how this process works for me, as it is the result of stepping outside the box that defines my usual subject matter and technique, and coming up with something intentionally different from my (yawn...) nighttime cityscapes if only for the sake of doing something differently. Think of it as a training exercise, the photographic equivalent of a pianist running scales to keep their hand in it while suffering a bout of ennui and you won't be very wide of the mark. That this proved to be an interesting image in its own right (IMO, anyway) is merely a nice bonus, but that certainly wasn't the plan.